Update on proposed changes to DCPC

On 11th December the Department for Transport (DfT) published its response to the consultation on proposed changes to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC).

The consultation ran earlier in the year to gather views on measures to make it simpler to become and remain a professional driver in the UK. The recommendations from the government include:

  • introducing a National DCPC (N-DCPC) that will cover driving a lorry, bus or coach in the UK
  • allowing training courses to be done in blocks of 3.5 hours rather than the current 7 hours to allow greater flexibility
  • Increasing the amount of e-learning that can be done to 12 hours.

These changes will only apply to the N-DCPC for driving a lorry, bus or coach solely within the UK.

The intention is to introduce these changes in summer 2024. The full response has been published on GOV.UK.

Those wanting to drive a lorry, bus or coach outside of the UK will need to complete the training within the existing rules which will not change from 35 hours of training every 5 years.

Making it easier to return to driving

The government is also looking to speed up the process for drivers whose DCPC has run out to return to driving a lorry, bus or coach in the UK.

This would be by allowing them to take 7 hours of training before returning to the sector and making the remaining 28 hours up within the first year.

This would only be for NDCPC and is not expected to be introduced until 2025.

Further consultation

The consultation also asked about the introduction of a periodic test to take the place of training.

Further consultation is needed on this option which will be launched in the new year.