We are our people

When registering with, or working for Sure its important to remember we have 2 different options regarding the type of employment we can offer.

Temporary Vacancies – can be ‘full-time’ and can also be ‘long-term’ such as 3/6/12 month contracts but likewise it can also be very ‘immediate’ starting (i.e. begin working the next day) and can be ‘short-term’ or working around your availability. For temp contracts you are engaged by Sure and on assignment at clients on our behalf.

Permanent Vacancies – are for ‘perm roles’ whereby you will be interviewed by Sure and then by a member of the client’s HR/ Management before (hopefully) being offered a Permanent role with the client (i.e. working for them and being paid by them direct).

Our product is our people and our success is linked to their performance, skills and attitude on the job – so no matter of the type of work you would like we will treat you the same, with honesty and respect – and we expect the same in return.

Temporary Contract Examples

Full-time – most of our full time workers complete 40+hrs Monday to Friday every week, however a number are on ‘4 on, 4 off’ rotas or ‘any 5 over 7’ rotas. The exact details vary dependant on the contract they are working on, but we always endeavour to find exactly what they are looking for. If you want ‘full time’ work then thats what we’ll endeavour to find you!

In between jobs – a number of people come and work for us whilst they are looking for a ‘Permanent role’ in their chosen career. We work around interviews and also let them utilise our Permanent Recruitment solution if its of interest. Plus we have conducted many ‘temp-perm’ placements with customers, whereby someone starts as a Temporary worker and then goes onto a Permanent contract after a period of time.

Part-time/ Extra Income – flexible working patterns or a few days a week/month suits some peoples lifestyles and we are here to work around that. So if you are able to work then just let us know what suits and we’ll see what we can get you. Plus you’ll be surprised how many ‘big businesses’ are willing to be flexible for the right people, so get in touch ASAP if this is of interest.

Weekends – with many people still preferring work between Monday-Friday but modern business being 7 days a week, we see a requirement for good staff at weekends to cover rest days (especially for drivers) and business peaks.

So if you are able to work 1 or 2 days over the weekend then get in touch. Even if its just one day/weekend a month then we’ll probably be able to keep you busy.

Seasonal working – Numerous people work for us when their ‘other employment’ is quiet or is out of season, so just tell us your situation and when you are available to work from & to and we’ll do the rest. We tend to have a lot of students working when college/ uni is on holidays and we also have a number of ‘ex-pats’ return ‘home’ to make some £s before returning to the sun (we get pretty jealous of these people but we’re just too professional to tell them that).

Our Permanent Recruitment Service

In the current job market it can be difficult to apply for a new position especially if its within the same industry (meaning you’re likely to be applying to a competitor for a role).

This can apply to businesses looking for staff too, hence it can benefit both parties to go through a neutral company meaning that only ‘serious’ applications are passed to the company and your details are only passed over to the business once you are happy for us to do so. .

Plus as a candidate, registering for Permanent work only takes a few minutes and is free of charge – so why not get in touch in Strictest Confidence and see what happens?

We offer assistance with applications and feedback on every stage of the process, meaning you get the complete service and hopefully the ideal job at the end of it all.