Sure NI Recruitment Services

how we can help you focus on your business

Sure NI pride ourselves on being able to give you the backup and staffing support you need, when you need it - meaning you're free to 'get on with the day job'.

There are 3 main ways that customers tend to benefit from using our Recruitment service

1 – Temporary staff – with a large pool of local drivers and warehouse staff all recruited in line with our strict interview/ assessment process we are able to supply the staff you need when you need them. Be it for a one day requirement, for a week holiday/sickness cover or for a longer period to get you through peak or ‘cost’ a new job our office is on hand 24hrs a day to provide you the staff you need.

2 – Temp to Perm arrangements –  employing staff can be a difficult process, time spent advertising and recruiting is often wasted once the candidate actually starts doing to job. Hence, our temp-perm offer means you get to try them out before you offer them then perm contract. Simply give us the job spec and details of the role you’d like to fill and we’ll supply the staff member and we’ll supply them as a ‘temp’ member of staff for up to 12 weeks – meaning you have ample time to assess if they’re what you need.

If they are, then you offer them a perm contract and we DO NOT charge a fee when this happens. If at any stage of the 12 weeks you feel they are not what you want, then you let us know and we replace them with another candidate.

3 – Permanent Placements – if you provide us with the job spec and salary etc we can provide candidates for you to interview completely free of charge – and only once you employ someone that we introduced would be then charge you the Perm Recruitment fee, which depending on the details can be as little as as £300* for warehouse staff and £450* for drivers.

This method is proving extremely popular as when you consider the cost in £ and time of even advertising using Sure NI for your perm requirement really does make sense – and we are able to recruit staff for a multitude of roles including management, sales roles, admin, office staff etc (exact fees depending on salary for the role).

*exc VAT