Whistle blowing Policy




1.1         Sure Recruitment Group Ltd is committed to delivering quality public services according to high standards of ethics, honesty, accountability, and openness. This Whistleblowing Policy is in place to encourage Sure Staff and Sub-Contractor/Limited Company/ Umbrella Staff to raise any concerns around malpractice, improper conduct, and unethical behaviour of any sort.

1 .2       Sure Recruitment Group Ltd recognises it has a duty to investigate all concerns reported under this policy in order to ensure that there is no risk to the Business, or the quality of public services provided by Sure or our supply chain.


1.3         Sure Recruitment Group Ltd Staff

1.3.1     The Company welcomes employees raising concerns about malpractice, improper conduct, and unethical behaviour of any sort, as well as any attempts to conceal such behaviour within Provider Organisations and the whole supply chain, including Sure Recruitment (Scotland) Ltd. This should be done at the earliest possible opportunity with the consultant who is responsible for managing their assignment.  If, for any reason, you feel that you cannot tell the consultant responsible for managing your assignment, you should send an email to ideas@surerecruitmentgroup.com

1.3.2     Employees are assured that they can come forward on a confidential basis. Any criticism, harassment or victimisation of employees who raise concerns under this policy will not be tolerated and such behaviour will be dealt with through the disciplinary procedures of Sure Recruitment (Scotland) Ltd

1.3.3     Appropriate confidentiality will be accorded, and protection given, to any employee who raises a genuine concern. All concerns raised will be properly considered and dealt with as appropriate. No employee will be punished for raising a genuinely held concern.

1 .3.4    The Whistleblowing Policy is not intended to cover such matters as would normally be undertaken through the Grievance Procedure. As an example, issues around terms and conditions of employment, harassment and individual related matters would fall outside this policy.


1.4.1     Where employees see: (a) any form of theft; (b) behaviour, practices or systems that may be fraudulent or encourage fraudulent behaviour; or (c) any other malpractice; or (d) any form of discriminatory behaviour, words, or practices; or (e) any other improper conduct; or (f) any other unethical behaviour; or

(g) any attempt to conceal any of the above they are encouraged to raise this matter with their consultant managing the assignment as soon as possible. Employees should have reasonable grounds for having such concerns.

1.4.2    Based on the information provided by the Whistle blower a report will be made to a Director of Sure Recruitment Group Ltd in confidence about the issue. This individual will investigate the concern(s) raised and become the ‘owner’ of the investigation and its findings.

1 .4.4   As the owner of the report, the Director will keep the employee informed about the investigation and will feedback the findings of their investigation to the Whistle blower within 15 working days in an appropriate format. However, in certain cases, it will not be possible to feedback precise information because of the need to protect the confidentiality of other employees or if a name is not provided by the Whistle blower.

1.4.5          If the investigation takes longer than 15 working days to complete the Director will inform the

Whistle blower of this at 15 working days and will then provide an update every 10 working days to the Whistle blower in an appropriate format.

Once the investigation is complete, if applicable the finding will be relayed back to the appropriate departments. Any instances of fraud within the Sure Recruitment Group Ltd will also be immediately relayed to the appropriate departments.

1.4.6     If the employee who raised the concern is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, they have a legal right to make disclosure to external bodies, as prescribed under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

1.4.7     Accusations of malpractice, which prove to be deliberately false or malicious may also be dealt with under the provisions of the Sure Recruitment (Scotland) Ltd disciplinary procedures.

1.4.8     If the Whistle blower discloses that a criminal offence may (a) have been committed (b) is being committed, or (c) is about to be committed or (d) if suspicion exists that any of the above may apply then Sure Recruitment Group Ltd will refer the matter to the Police and/or relevant law enforcement agencies.