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Client:                                                                 Nic Ice

Address:                                                             Investment Park, 16 Drumhead Ln, Cambuslang, Glasgow

Postcode:                                                           G32 8EX

Reporting to:                                                    Anne Marie  Moran


You are working as a Production Operative.

The text you have been sent has the details of the actual shift and shift pattern you are booked onto.

As a Production Operative you will be working in different areas of production.

This can involve working on the production line focusing on packing and labeling but also might include variety of manual handling, twisting & turning movements. Your duties as a Production Operative will include quality checking and production of ice-cream cones, wafer biscuits, flavoring, decorations or personalized packaging.

Health & Safety/ Collective Facilities     

– Safety Boots, Hair Nets and White Coats MUST be always worn when in the factory.
– You will be entitled to a locker. Ensure you remove your belongings on completion of your shift and leave the key inside the door.
– Limited Facilities are available onsite.
– In the canteen area you will find facilities such as: fridge, microwave, kettle and vending machine.
– You will be entitled into 30-minute lunch and 2 x 15-minute breaks



Note that your timesheet must be completed by 10.00am on Monday to ensure payment on Friday.


Timesheets can be completed online at