Completing your Timesheet online

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Timesheet FAQs and Tips

How can I access the timesheets section?

You must be registered with website to view the timesheets page as it means your submission is password protected and tied into your email address (your timesheet it a record of your working time and as such is a legal document).

Note that being registered with one of our offices is different to being registered with the website, so even if you are working for us already, you still need to register with the website to access the timesheets section.

Tip – If you are accessing the website via your phone or laptop/ PC then you can store the timesheet page as a bookmark on your browser and ask it to save your login details, meaning you can easily navigate straight to this section each week.

Timesheets must still be received by the office before 10am each Monday.


Which timesheet option to choose?

Offline option

If you are accessing the site and want to print off a timesheet to complete, then select the offline timesheet option and it will bring you to a section where you can download the sheets relevant to the work you are doing.

Online options

If you are a driver or a porter/ driver’s mate then you must complete the Drivers and Travelling Crew timesheet,

If you are not a driver or porter/ mate, then you can complete the ‘Non-Driving’ timesheet.


Drivers ‘Online’ Timesheet

Select the office you are working for.

Select the week-ending date these hours relate to (note that it should always be the date of the Sunday of the week, and for working time the week is always Monday to Sunday). So, if you have worked Monday 1st to Friday 5th then it would be weekending Sunday 7th.

Then enter the relevant details for the days you worked this week.

Company Name – name of the business you were on assignment with

Type of Work – i.e. what was the role you were doing with the client

Night Out – did you spend a ‘night out’ in a sleeper cab (if you don’t know what this means then the answer is likely to be no)

Times – make it clear what you’re meaning (half past eight in the evening should be logged as 8.30pm

Breaks – remember you must have breaks under the working time Regs and Drivers Hours, you need to log these in this section to show you are working in line with both the Regulations

Paid Hours – this will be your total shift length minus your breaks

Total POAs – this is where you will log how much of your ‘paid hours’ was actually POA and therefore can come off your working time for your calculations.
For more info on POAs then click here)

**Note that Sure Recruitment have a workforce agreement in place whereby our workforce opted out of the night working limit of the RT(WT)R**

Total for working time calculations – your paid hours minus your POAs – this is what will be logged for your working time for the calculations.

Once you’ve logged your details for each day then you will have the option to add any other relevant working time to your calculations for that week (i.e. if you’ve worked elsewhere you can then add the total ‘working time’ so we can manage your hours correctly.

Note that the total working time in any 1 week is 60hrs – if we receive a timesheet with more than 60hrs ‘final working time’ we will query it.

There is also the option to add a few notes in that our payroll team will receive.

Then you have a declaration to tick before submitting the timesheet.

Once the system has said your timesheet is received that is your timesheet submitted, if we have any queries then we will be in touch.