Did you pass your Car Licence before January 1997 – if so, have you considered becoming a 7.5t driver?

As you’ll be aware, there’s a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK that extends to 7.5t drivers, yet loads of people already have the entitlement to drive these vehicles, without even realizing it.

And this shortage could mean opportunities for you, as 7.5t drivers tend to earn more money than van drivers (approx. £2,000+ per year extra), and if you passed your car test before Jan 1997 then Sure Training are offering you the chance to become a 7.5t driver for just £245.


It sounds too good to be true?

The fact is that most people who passed their car test before Jan 1997 were given the Category C1 entitlement on their licence – meaning they already have the right to drive a 7.5t vehicle.

However, having this C1 entitlement on the licence isn’t enough, as anyone with the C1 entitlement also need a Drivers Qualification Card and a Digital Tachograph Card to drive commercially (i.e. as a job) – and this is where Sure Training can help!!


How to get a Digital Tachograph Card and the cost?

If you already have a ‘GB photocard’ driving licence then it’s just a case of applying online (takes 2 minutes) and paying the £32 fee, and the Card will be posted to your home address within 7 days.


How to get a Drivers Qualification Card and the cost?

This is the card that shows you are ‘qualified’ to drive a 7.5t vehicle commercially, in order to get this you need to complete 35hrs of Driver CPC training (made up of 5 different 1 day courses).

Sure Training are currently running these courses online, 7 days a week (starting at 8am finishing at 4:30pm), with one course currently costing just £49 (so all 5 courses would cost £245 if booked separately).

Your Driver Qualification Card is produced by the DVLA once you have completed your 5th training day (we also issue certificates that some employers are happy to accept pending arrival of your Driver Qualification Card).


What’s Sure Training’s offer?

If you book all 5 courses with us and commit to the training dates, then we’ll deduct the £32 you’ll pay for your Driver Tachograph Card from the price of the training courses.

So you pay the £32.00 direct to the DVLA (and send us the proof) and we’ll deduct £32.00 from the £245.00 the 5 courses would normally cost (so you pay us £213).

Remember this price covers everything (VAT, DVSA upload fees etc) and since this is the price for courses 7 days a week, it means you don’t need to take time of work (as we’ll have courses running on your days off)

**Current Sure Recruitment workers will also receive a further 10+% discount whereby instead of £213.00 for the 5 days training, they’ll pay just £190 to us for the 5 days training**


If you want to take up this offer?

Call us asap on 0141 530 7393 and speak to Sophie or Collette and they’ll be able to assist – as the sooner we can start the process the better (the sooner you complete the training – the sooner you get your cards and are a 7.5t driver!!!!)

But this offer is only open for the month of October 2021 (training can be completed after October 2021 but needs booked etc by 30th October to qualify)


Other FAQs


What’s a 7.5t vehicle?
It’s a ‘small lorry’, that is designed to weigh less than 7.5 tonne when fully laden (so twice as large as a Van that is designed to carry less than 3.5t when fully laden). A typical example would be the vehicles operated by a sofa delivery company or the likes of the home delivery teams for ‘white goods’ businesses etc


• Am I guaranteed a job on getting my Driver Qualification Card & Digi Card?
Ultimately that’s down to you and the prospective employers, as whilst you have the entitlement to drive 7.5t vehicles some customers may be put off by your lack of experience driving these types of vehicles.

But with the current shortage of HGV and 7.5t drivers, now is the time that many are giving new drivers a chance.

Sure Recruitment have customers that accept new 7.5t drivers, so they’ll be able to assist and advise if you’re unsure.


• How do I check if I’ve a C1 entitlement I need for this offer?
The back of your photocard driving licence will show what entitlement you have – the example below has a Cat C1 entitlement and you can see the licence was gained in 25/10/1989


• If I start working for Sure Recruitment now will I received the ‘extra discount’?
You’ll not receive the discount immediately (as it’s there to reward our existing staff), however if you work with Sure for a period of time then we’ll refund the £23 to you – meaning you do get the discount eventually : )