You will have seen plenty about the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 over the last few months and since this pandemic will most likely continue to effect us all to some degree going forward, we have updated some links and advice on the matter in an attempt to continue to protect our workforce and their families.

This document contains some links to websites to enable you to get the most up to date information possible, from the most reliable sources.


Advice/ assistance from our customers…


We are constantly liaising with our customers regarding COVID-19 and if any of them relevant to you has any specific processes in place, we will communicate them to you as soon as possible.

This information would also be included in the ‘shift text’ you will get, however also please use your own understanding of how we can prevent the spread of this virus whilst on assignment at all times.


Advice/ assistance on general prevention…


Often the very nature of temporary work means working at a varied range of customers, locations and working environments – hence being aware of how the virus spreads is key in understanding how to minimize your risk of catching it and transferring it to colleagues or family.


When on assignment…


  • Ask the customer if they have any specific processes in place or anything in particular they’d like you to do/ not do regarding COVID-19.
  • To help facilitate social distancing, operators may vary shift times. Please check each booking confirmation carefully, even if you have worked for the customer previously
  • Where it is necessary to travel in a shared vehicle, sit next to the other occupant rather than one behind the other, wherever possible
  • Be aware of the surfaces that you are touching and who may have been touching them recently, if possible clean them thoroughly before use (bringing disinfectant wipes to clean areas like steering wheel, phone, keyboard, pens before use is a good idea). Empty bins before and after your shift (and wash hands thoroughly after doing this).
  • Wherever possible, maintain the latest recommended social distancing rules to keep other workers and members of the public safe. If the nature of the work means this is not always possible, you should follow the guidance of the client
  • You may find that loading and delivery processes have been adapted to facilitate social distancing – please ensure that you follow any instructions provided
  • In shared vehicles, ensure good ventilation and air flow, for example by opening windows where appropriate
  • Many companies are trying to ensure minimal or no contact deliveries – please follow revised delivery procedures as communicated by the customer
  • Ask the client about hand washing facilities, if you’re out driving then still try and wash your hands at regular intervals whenever possible – remembering to dry your hands thoroughly after this.
  • Use a tissue to catch any coughs or sneezes (if you don’t have a tissue then the crook of your elbow will suffice). “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” is still great advice.
  • Note that the virus needs to get into your system for you to catch it, hence be very aware of when/ if you touch your face and ensure your hands are clean before you do this.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene by increasing the frequency of handwashing. Also ensure that you regularly clean the vehicle you are working in. If you are declined access to welfare facilities, please inform both the client and Sure Recruitment immediately.


If you think you may have COVID-19…


Letting us know if you have the symptoms…

  • If you develop these symptoms away from work and need to self isolate but have work planned with Sure – please call the office ASAP so that we can get the assignment covered and advise on our process accordingly (remember we’re available 24hrs on the local office number).
  • If you develop these symptoms away from work and need to self isolate but have NO work planned with Sure – call the office during office hours to that we can update your availability and advise accordingly.
  • If you develop these symptoms whilst on assignment with Sure firstly inform the customer so that they can action their own processes immediately, however then please contact our office so that we can liaise with the customer and assist where possible.


Other processes that we have put in place…


  • Sure Recruitment offices

We are only able to allow visitors to access our offices at set appointment times and we restrict visitors to those that are essential only. So please don’t take offence if we are unable to grant access to our offices.

Alongside completing Risk Assessments for each office and communicating these internally, we have established ‘virus spreading prevention and control’ measures in each office along with a track and trace system for all individuals who have access to our offices.


  • Sure Training offices and classrooms

Similar to Sure Recruitment, Sure Training are only able to welcome visitors who have an agreed appointment time for an essential reason.

Whilst most of our training offerings are now available online, for the few training products that can only be delivered in our classrooms we have implemented specific processes and procedures that will be communicated to any attendee in advance of the training course.



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