£100 ‘thank you’ bonus for every ‘full-time’ HGV driver who works with us this November & December.


  • As a thank you to our EXISTING drivers  (who have been brilliant throughout the full ‘COVID19’ period) and


  • As an incentive to any NEW or RETURNING drivers who wish to join/re-join Sure Recruitment..


..we’ll be adding an extra £100 bonus payment to the first week of January’s wages for EVERY Cat C and Cat CE driver who works at least 40 shift for us this November and December.


Obviously some terms apply, but the basic premise is that if you work a minimum of 40 shifts between 1st November & 31st December (without incident, accident, no-show or  short notice call-off) then we’ll pay you the bonus payment along with your normal wages earned for w/e 10th January.


It really is that simple.


Main points to note.


  • The payment is a wages payment and as such will be subject to relevant tax/ NI etc,


  • Shifts must be a min 8hrs in length (not a big deal as they all tend to be anyway),


  • If you are on a contract with additional/enhanced/ peak rates then this does not effect payment of the bonus – you’ll get your normal rates agreed with the office – and so long as you the hit the 40shifts number in the period you’ll get an additional £100 paid in January,


  • This payment is not ‘contractual’ but discretionary.


 There’s also £100 per HGV driver referred (terms apply), so in theory if you refer 3 drivers who meet the referral criteria, you’d get £300 for referring them AND they’d each get £100 for doing the 40 shifts over the period.


And there’s no limit to the amount of drivers you can refer!!!